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Thank God Movie Review: Ajay Devgn Starrer Is Uplifting When It's Upbeat, Sad When It's Not!

Thank God Movie Review Rating:๐ŸŒ•๐ŸŒ•๐ŸŒ•๐ŸŒ‘๐ŸŒ‘

Star Cast: Ajay Devgn, Sidharth Malhotra, Rakul Preet, Seema Pahwa, Kiku Sharda

Director: Indra Kumar

What's Good: This is superior to Ram Setu! (Available the same day)

Ram Setu isn't really a bar for this picture to push and be thrilled about, which is a negative aspect.

To relieve yourself, take a break during the melodramatic sections and then come back for the humorous scenes.

Should You Watch? It's hardly worth leaving your home and travelling to a theatre for this! too much work Try it on OTT if you want to.

Theatrical Release is accessible

121 minutes long (Feels Like 151 minutes)

Even though Ayan Kapoor (Sidharth Malhotra) is wealthy, he has many of the same issues as you and I do. However, unlike us, he is not poor. Demonetization, which severely hurt his finances, upheaval in his personal and professional life, and other issues have made him dissatisfied with life, and he messes with everyone who even slightly annoys him (basically he turns into Jaya Bachchan & faces life as she faces paparazzi).

Even when a person's body is taken to a hospital after an accident, their spirit is sent to heaven, where they meet Yamdoot, also known as YD and CG and The One Who Shall Not Be Named (Ajay Devgn). He makes the choice as to whether he will go to hell or regain his life back in the "game of life" they are playing. Ayan discovers several previously unrecognised things about himself through the game, which alters the way he views the world.

Review of the script for the film Thank God

The script by Aakash Kaushik and Madhur Sharma mainly relies on a balance between humour and drama that is frequently lost, which sometimes has an adverse effect on the suspense it generates. In a nutshell, when it's hilarious, it's enjoyable, but when it's sad, it's very sad (not a good, melancholy sad).

Even when you just want to have some light fun, it follows the tried-and-true Indra Kumar recipe for making you feel something for the characters. With its humour, it is undoubtedly a crowd pleaser, but the main query is whether or not that will be sufficient to draw viewers to this evolving cinematic era.

Review of the motion picture Thank God

Even if he sleepwalked through his parts, Ajay Devgn could still perform admirably, and with CJ, he did just that. The attempt to be a more sophisticated version of "the one who shall not be named" is overshadowed by how unbalanced his personality is. He's fine on a few instances, but on others, he just wants the movie to end.

When he must've read the script, Sidharth Malhotra had obviously overestimated how this character would behave. Ayan's eccentricities simply don't come over as naturally as they ought to have with someone like Varun Dhawan. The weak writing hinders even the best display of his violent side.

Rakul Preet makes a passable special cameo, although her presence may not have any bearing on the direction the plot takes. Indra Kumar has the ability to do much better with characters like Seema Pahwa and Kiku Sharda, but they are utterly wasted.

Film Review for Thank God: Direction and Music

For some reason, Indra Kumar tries to open the movie with a generic ghisa-pita shot of Earth being zoomed out and then zooming towards India to begin the movie. I was afraid that the movie would become too generic after these initial 15 seconds (spoiler alert: it gets worse). The "black dot on white board" simile, imitating Chandler's famous Friends episode, and a doctor energising himself before doing surgery are all things that have been around for a while, even if many people aren't aware of this. The trouble is that they aren't even excellent ones. A large chunk of the dialogues are directly inspired by WhatsApp forwards.

At best, the music by Amar Mohile is forgettable. I don't even recall what songs were in the movie, with the exception of the two remakes (Manike and Dil De Diya Hai).

The Last Word, a review of the film Thank God

Overall, Thank God had the potential to be far better than it is now. The diverse genre imbalance detracts from the enjoyable viewing experience it could have been.

As an aside, I was considering a headline. If this had been worse, I would have utilised it and just had to tell you guys about it.

Review of the movie Thank God: "Thank God" is the only thing you could say if you survived the movie.

Three Stars

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