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Kerala theatre owners refuse to screen The Way of the Water from James Cameron's Avatar

Avatar: If the dispute over the profit-sharing agreements is still ongoing on December 16 when the movie is scheduled to be released, Avatar: The Way of the Water might not be shown at as many as 400 theatres in Kerala.

Avatar: The Way of the Water, the most anticipated film in Hollywood, will not be released, according to the Film Exhibitors United Organisation of Kerala (FEUOK), which announced its decision on Tuesday. The choice was made as a result of the disagreement over the terms of the profit-sharing between the makers and the FEUOK. The new circumstances of the producers of the Hollywood hit were described as "strange" by the main body of Malayalam cinema.

"It is not prohibited here. We are unable to agree to their terms and conditions. In Kerala, single-screen theatres are being asked to pay them an exorbitant amount. We cannot agree to that. No movie will be prohibited by us. Avatar 2 will not, however, be released in Kerala. The head of FEUOK, K Vijayakumar, stated, "We anticipate negotiations from their end.

In Kerala, the first week after its release, Avatar 2 distributors reportedly demand a 60% cut of sales. The owners of the theatre are also unwilling to accept a revenue share that is higher than the standard 55%.

The choice will impact the screening of Avatar: The Way of the Water on the 400+ screens throughout Kerala. How Hollywood producers would respond to the state's theatre owners association's ultimatum is still unknown.

When it opens in theatres on December 16 of this year, the magnum opus of filmmaker James Cameron is anticipated to have a massive opening in India. The 2009-launched Avatar franchise's second instalment is now available. The film is anticipated to give viewers an immersive, never-before-seen experience because of its enormous $400 million budget.

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